Cooking for baby is our second flagship community project, developed in  2007 following consultation with health visitors, children’s centres and family support services. 

We piloted our course materials in 2008 and developed a series of workshops and short courses for parents with children approaching weaning age. We support parents during what can be a confusing and overwhelming time, giving them the practical skills, knowledge and confidence to wean their baby on to solids with nutritious home-made food. All parents want to give their children the best start in life and for many this is the first cookery or nutrition course they’ve taken.


The aims of the project are:

  • To increase practical cookery skills and confidence
  • To increase parents’ awareness of their baby’s changing nutritional needs
  • To increase the number of babies being weaned with homemade baby food
  • To offer training and support to partner organisations and volunteers in order to sustain project outcomes post-funding
  • To develop a support network which will continue to support families into toddlerhood.

This programme has received wide support from local authorities, The People’s Heath Trust and The BIG Lottery fund.


Some Facts and Figures:


Since our pilot activities we have engaged over 3000 families.


We are mid-way through a four year BIG Lottery funded project which will engage a further one thousand parents and children and offer training to 34 volunteers in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.


We deliver the course in children’s centres, community venues and in partnership with organisations which support vulnerable families.


Our most popular recipes include:   cheesy quinoa and broccoli bites, carrot, courgette and apple puree, and chicken and lentil stew.



A really great course. Fun and informative, I learnt lots and made/ tasted recipes I would never of thought of trying. I felt very safe and secure on the course. At home I am now going to try far more adventurous recipes and cook healthy nutritional meals for my baby. I can now teach him about health and nutrition when he is older. The tutor was great and she answered all my questions and gave lots of opportunities for us to ask anything.
— Emma, Owls Children’s Centre
The best part of the workshop was the practical part, seeing and doing. The opportunity to try the food and learn about textures, recipes and ingredients. From now on, I will prepare my own meals for the twins, as I’ve realised, it’s healthier and cheaper. Plus it’s good fun and makes me feel proud to do something good for my family.
— Lydia, Park Children’s Centre

I really enjoyed the interaction and relaxed atmosphere. There were opportunities to chat and exchange information as well as learn the subject matter and learn practically. It was nice to be able to bring our babies along. I have learnt loads on this course and feel prepared for weaning now.
— Jennie, Park Children’s Centre