Cooking for Baby

Cooking for baby is our flagship course which reaches over 1000 parents and infants a year through our outreach work in community settings and children’s centres.

The online course runs over 12 weeks and covers:

- getting ready to wean - is your baby ready

- essential (and non-essential) kit

- meeting your baby’s changing nutritional needs (from 6-12months)

- food safety and hygiene (preparing, cooking, cooling/freezing, storing and reheating)

- which weaning method is right for me?

- easy and delicious recipes in puree/mash and blw format

- menu planning and adapting family meals

- foods to avoid and choking

- advice for special diets/premature babies

- common allergens, importance of iron and supplements

- drinks/milk and dental health

- constipation

- importance of texture for speech development

We also offer the option to join to our private Facebook community offering ongoing support, bonus recipes and ideas, and weekly surgeries with our experienced tutors, health visitors, OCS dietitian and nutritionists.

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