We offer regular afterschool/weekend and holiday cookery skills courses which can count towards your Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Jamie Oliver Home Cooking Skills BTEC. Both these courses offer a great base in practical cookery skills, nutrition, cooking on a budget as well as some amazing recipes you’ll want to cook again and again.

If you’d like to volunteer on our outreach community programmes, we may be able to offer CIEH accredited training in food safety and hygiene and nutrition, and supported volunteer placements (subject to funding). 

My favourite part about my Duke of Edinburgh course was having the opportunity to make everything from scratch (mayonnaise, pasta, sauces, even bread) and spend hours cooking! I find it very relaxing and a good way to switch off from my studies. I don’t get enough time in our kitchen at home (there’s always someone else using it) so I enjoyed the lack of interruption. I’d recommend this course to anyone to who likes eating!!
— Spencer aged 17
I loved every minute of my Duke of Edinburgh cookery skills course. We made so many recipes which I’ll cook again, and were given opportunities to be creative with the flavouring and presentation which appealed to my competitive side! It’s so much better than any cookery I’ve done at school.
— Ben aged 15
I was really impressed with the teenagers sushi masterclass and make sushi regularly now. It’s actually very easy (but looks difficult) and a great dish to impress your friends. Five stars for sure!
— Isla aged 14