Cooking for baby is our second flagship community project, developed in  2007 following consultation with health visitors, children’s centres and family support services. 

We piloted our course materials in 2008 and developed a series of workshops and short courses for parents with children approaching weaning age. We support parents during what can be a confusing and overwhelming time, giving them the practical skills, knowledge and confidence to wean their baby on to solids with nutritious home-made food. All parents want to give their children the best start in life and for many this is the first cookery or nutrition course they’ve taken.


The aims of the project are:

  • To increase practical cookery skills and confidence
  • To increase parents’ awareness of their baby’s changing nutritional needs
  • To increase the number of babies being weaned with homemade baby food
  • To offer training and support to partner organisations and volunteers in order to sustain project outcomes post-funding
  • To develop a support network which will continue to support families into toddlerhood.

This programme has received wide support from local authorities, The People’s Heath Trust and The BIG Lottery fund.