It has been really helpful to learn the theory behind salt intake and how to avoid too much. I have enjoyed meeting other members of the group and increasing my ideas for meals that I can cook.
— D. Freeman
It has been great to learn so many new cooking skills, this week I have made several recipes at home. Cottage pie cakes, risotto and leak and potato soup.
— Les
Everything I have learnt has been an enormous boost to my confidence - thank you! The confidence it gives me to try other dishes based on what I have learnt in the class.
— Everade
I have learnt lots of new practical cookery skills, making pizza dough, baking and making scones, making soup and meatballs. I learnt about food safety, food labelling and about the correct amount of sugar and salt to use/eat. The course has been informative and well organised. All the staff and participants were very friendly and helpful.
— Peter
It has been great to watch the practical demonstrations and then having the chance to do it ourselves. I have learnt so many new cooking skills and made new social connections.
— Ray
I found it very interesting learning about the contents of our food and how much salt and sugar are in them and how this is not good to have too much sugar and salt. The tips for a low salt diet were useful. I also learnt that our diet should contain 5 portions of fruit or vegetables.
— Tony