Chocolate and Prune Chia Seed Pudding (for babies/toddlers)

The Organic Cookery School Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding for babies/toddlers

So we’re cheating here - this recipe isn’t just for babies and toddlers and we give you and your older kids full permission to enjoy this as much as your little people.

However, that said, it is a perfect weaning recipe and full of protein, omega 3 and dietary fibre. Suitable from 6 months plus - there can’t be many puddings which pack as much goodness and flavour in. With no added sugar and plenty of vitamins and minerals, you'll want to try this with your fussy eater too.

This is the first of three chia seed pudding recipes we’ve developed for our Cooking for Baby parents. Enjoy!


This chocolate flavoured pudding may sound indulgent, but has a healthy twist. The sweet coconut milk complements the fibre packed prunes – great for ensuring a healthy gut and preventing constipation. Omega 3 is essential for young children to support brain development and good heart health, and is found in abundance in chia seeds.

The Organic Cookery School Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding for Babies/Toddlers