The average spend for a child’s birthday party in the UK (ages 4 - 10 years) is £320, and over 50% will regularly spend £500 on their children’s birthday party activities.

Cookery classes and holiday camps are perceived as premium value educational classes by parents, not least for the range of skills taught but also offering guilt-free child care solutions for working parents


Organic Cookery School ™  after school classes average a minimum 1.5 hours and day camps between 3 and 6 hours increasing perceived value to parents who need wrap around care after school or in the school holidays.



We’ll show you ways to add value through voluntary registration with Ofsted and/or acceptance of childcare vouchers, giving eligible parents to the opportunity to claim back class fees through Child Tax Credit (childcare element) or benefit from tax breaks for working parents.


No matter where you live, there is a market for high quality educational activities and we will show you how to build relationships with schools and childcare providers and get your cookery classes booked out for months ahead.